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To independent licensed complementary health and beauty care practitioners with existing clients.
Sole-proprietors only. No employees. No contractors.

* Extremely affordable month-to-month lease with no additional fees
* Rooms are fully furnished with massage tables, furniture, towel warmers, lamps, diffusers and bluetooth speakers
* Rooms are individually leased and may be remodel, refurnish and locked at the tenant’s own expense
* All tenants are individually responsible for keeping their room cleaned to COVID-19 standards
* All tenants must conduct their practice at a courteous low volume (e.g. no loud music)
* All tenants may not lend use of their room to anyone (e.g. collegue, contractor, employee, etc.)
* All teanants are solely responsible for their own supplies, schedule, transactions, communications, advertisments, documentation, etc.
* All tenants share a lobby, restroom and hallway with a utility sink
* All tenants are jointly responsible for cleaning and supplying these shared areas (hired cleaning services are optional)
* All tenants must maintain an active VA Department of Health license, Town of Leesburg license and practitioner’s insurance
* All tenants will be advertised on The Leesburg Spa website


Single Table Room

(with esthetician’s equipment and supplies)

* 9’x11′ floor space (plus bump out)
* 3 windows with blinds
* 1 heated massage table
* Includeds esthetician’s equipment and supplies FREE to use, but can be moved out for other practices

Click HERE to contact for price and information

Double Table Room

* 11’x14′ floor space
* 2 windows with blinds
* 2 heated massage tables
* Great space for a practice that requires room for equipment and supplies
* Opportunity to serve couples with existing LMT tenant

Click HERE to contact for price and information